2: cosmic dawn

and it continued on. By this time things had changed, the rabbit walked only in caves, for instance. the kitschy, environments of the past crumbled between them but still sustained themselves for a few more cycles, occasionally. but the physical homeworld wonderplace isn't the feature, but rather their travels with the astral owl,

But it's all rushed. the owl visited in the evening, frequently hooting at them, but the moon ignored it, and the antimoon disregarded its blank stared, like disks that reflected sinister rainbows back at them, like those disks filled with bird skeletons.

But it's all rushed. before that, before this, v had found another friend. and n was lonely after evening so he, unsatisfied with the inanimate friends of nature and his own manifestation, found a replacement for the one he missed. that card, that card that got scratched, by that, (and that also took the copy of several of those valuable, defining the early primitive recreation), (and the screech of cook--) demonstrating a hurricane!

so n crept to the volcano the hot lava rock glows n and v would often play there, in the glowing light of the waterfalling volcano, staring at the light. and in the rocking lava, masked in light. and in this stone mold. not chosen by fate, but rather by a random queue, it could have been anyone. and these perfect imaginations compounded in a frenzy! bookinoneday; miniscule sections of superb; and; the empty scene of the evening sky. they patched together in a hybrid of perfection and.

a form rose from the lava, the orange glow. and a rising form, an artificial. the creature forced the lava. and it stepped onto the rock, with the glow dripping off its metallic function. bright orange eyes stared at n and it was not a balloon. it had no name and it needed none. Umami! Slithering? It steamed. Creaked like a! Following, fridaying. Don't wander by the volcano alone.

around the volcano, n walked by. it was night, and the moon wasn't playing, in these days the ice seemed to chill n even more. but n had a friend now? it was dark and night and cold, a very bitter cold masked by artificial sweetness making it all the more bitter (also in that volcano, with the plant). and the friend appeared. white orange eyes stared at n and it was not the moon. the construct moved stiffly and groaned that familiar groan: <GREEK! ROME! SHORT MAN!>--

n looked at the construct, a fear twirled around n and choked him, and the glow of the volcano grew dark. n ran through this darkplace and the construct pursued. wry deny crate disregard!? and as he ran to the safety of light, n tripped over the discarded shell of v's friend. it looked like a real friend at first, but it was metallic and stiff like the construct n created. n found safety at last, and the construct disappeared.

And so that was. v and n, on the pegasus machine, would fly, as one, might expect in those, times. they'd fly around around around that wooden portal, which, when emptied, could have been a portal. the antimoon tried moving along the ground once, but that's beyond the tired truck. and soon n. to put it simply, it crashed and the bird of skeletal natures crept from the windowed. n was haunted by that same choking fear from earlier. near the volcano, n would be afraid of not only the construct which occasionally floated around its birthplace, but this bird which leapt from the portal and into the physical volcano space. thankfully, n was seldom alone and the brightness of the hot lava rock eliminated the vagueness of design, and.

And so that was. v and n existed on this plane for some time, but eventually another plane opened up and the true nature of their very existence revealed, hypo. Textual evidence aside.

in the ethereal plane. n's friend speedie was the first one he met in this plane. except, this time the turtle seemed to have a consciousness but it was a new construct of the plane. n found speedie because v was bored, and she found this area in this plane (adjacent that chilly list). at this point, exploration was only an individual experience, and n and v could only communicate on the physical level after such.

and when v had to practice, n. eventually they met original constructs in the. Smile Zee! (Or Zed)! Ch-ch-ch-ch-chooooosing companions. Parachuting in, it needed to master the barreling constraints. Monotonous? Yes, but there were three such stones. Hungry, ice-chewing. Fixation on that sleepy asparagus presents made the first connection. Secret, jealous lands. Compelling quests that never seemed to come until it was too late. It was a complex world, and it was the basis for creation.

(those paper dolls, ch-ch, 64 boxed)

The antimoon was well aware of this exploration and thus it spake. “YOU MAY FREELY EXPLORE THIS PLANE. BUT OF THE LAND OF TERRA, YOU MAY NOT GO.” (8: It is all an unintentional mythical arch. But, that may.) they nodded and continued this schedule of original constructs. but a slithering cat's tail approached v and it had its hypnotic regard (there were others as well, but they had no major imaginations such as this). so v flew off and visited this land of Terra, and n stood in the physical realm and.

n kept this a secret. he never visited the land himself because he was afraid. and so he played on with the constructed creatures of the ethereal, the oneness. and v possibly occasion. but this was a disregard. one day she flew off, from the plateau on the wooden portal of the plateau platoon platform. and as she flew off the world, she passed by the antimoon, and it stared right at her passing as she flew off, off to that land known as Terra. and n was sitting right there as she disappeared, looking into that, almost guarding it. and the antimoon stared. n was expecting the pupil to grow in frustration, but instead it shrunk. Huh! It looked away, and casually continued orbit.

and it continued on. and the day came that n would get his own cosmic surfboard to explore the planted future of intelligence with the same same same: Oh, for to Kay ate? Well, ah crept over the hot wall, past the obsessed, occlusion, and the occasional piece of sheet music! It toke tyme, but ah managed to assess a several a paged from the same pictorials that are the norm for them! Ahaheha!! And it took meh forevah to learn how to spell “Vanilla!” or proximity to that agency. But ah event usually toured it's offer!

and the cosmos were wide open, well, except for those places blocked off by force fields (it should be noted that one of these nodes had been telepathically visited by n once on the old pegasus machine, and it was a day of practice, and those curling frying! [explosives in] and n shook). but it was an entire universe open to exploration. the plants grew freely, like the plateau plant that was filled with rubber bands and old popping mines.

n flew off into the vast collective with v and some of her natural friends. They landed on that planet that was once forbidden, but now a source of wonderment and financial involvement. {Strobe lights and the thick scent fogging up the room. Not old enough, but it's okay, everyone else in the group is old enough.} On Terra, Terra. Terra's able too! but it was all they knew at the time and it catered to their needs. and they touched down onto thatplanet with a gentle genuine generous skippy-step down onto the world. they all ran about leaving n by himself to explore this environment. there was a small cinema showing a film the film was about the lunar cycles of the... the CAT, or to better cat.

n entered the small cinema and there was a girl there, and they watched that movie together, but he didn't see the evening light in her eyes or anything. n wasn't used to this space race graveling traveling so. and this insignificant girl laughed, as the insignificant photons reflected off. n saw this, he laughed inside, but he realized that he had to laugh outside as well and he laughed outside. T-A-G, and that's what all magic consists of! Still, better than some complex maths.

n was alone and it felt good. and there were all these people around and there was no moon or antimoon or v. Hey, he said to this girl in the small cinema. Maybe we'll meet again one day. n could meet her again one day, but he never did. that wasn't the point though.

The planets of the cosmos were ruled by gods. These deities could create planets for people to visit and live on and enjoy themselves. The gods only had control over their own planets. The planet of Terra was mainly ruled by a lasing deity who had a large head and small eyes.

n landed on Terra quite often, (replacing z with x, oh my) but eventually he desired. And so he found another planet in the sea of the informatic universe. This planet was an ultimate, dedicated to the Dreamy Signals of yesteryear, the Dual Silvered platter, focused on that recreation of a recreation found in the primal evening. n found this planet interesting and. On this planet, the people formed numbers in patterns they affected the way they created the recreation as the codes n wanted to make the codes, how do the codes work, these codes codes snarking in upon that treasure chest: Let's See An Instant Replay! n saw these created codes and they all formed. Electric Tigers? It's all lovingly guided. n created. the numbers splashed upon. And it's all to the Tiger. Aw, thanks! n created. they looked at the numbers, they looked and looked away. but n created? but as the people strolled along on the planet, as they they, as, they passed by the numbers n made, and they didn't stop. some slowed down and looked at the numbers, but none really stopped and looked at n.

they were only mechanical, constructed codes but n created. and it was insignificant. the rolling hills of time expanded upon this subject before eventually plunging into a new awareness, an awareness in which n recalled a dream, n recalled. n recall.

it was in a library. Looked up “dream” and the rest restumpled upon a new planet. A planet of Dreamy Visions, of Diminishing Veils. A land of Dark Voids standing on the planet! (Bowing) Congratulations to everyone who had one I haven't had one yet (Bowing)! That dream, I haven't had one yet! What's it... there's time. And form custom creation! A glowing orb of power promised everything envisioning standing on the beach... launching fireworks from the hands. (Well, tonight... Yeah, right.) but it never seemed to happen. Still, this was a new thing that n discovered in these cosmos.

There were other planets out there and some of these converged on these simplistic desires: A wild encyclopedia land that was ignored, Raging seas storming with dolphic graciousness. Gah! Thought of it! This ocean planet filled with storming peaceful eyes that did not exactly appeal to n. The starry planet of the wingéd energy finally caught n and trapped him there. There were firm tables and ships and. n.

elderly foooore! Almost! it was filled with a magical dust and the list goes on: {evil ebil eventuallly pineapple, frozen tundras, stall drooming, eleven ghosts with no sense of sarcasm, frozen mangoes, falling loads} (and that is just a few of those)!

and they all had fun. their heartstrings became tangled together and formed wonderful friendships. though the n and found a meaningful not!

and n thought of all the planets he had visited. they were all run by different deities and these deities were worshiped by the planet's inhabitants. n wanted this. he wanted to be a deity and he wanted to create a planet that people would live on and he could watch over all the little inhabitants and tell people when he creates new things for the little planet and when he destroys other things and and the. but the deities were old and powerful, while n. (9: loyke master fun again him-thelf!) fortunately a rolling snowball from that early complex world was the basis for creation. n knew how to manipulate the cosmos inside, he just did not have the power to manipulate it on the outside.

n explored the cosmos, looking for any place with information on this magical ability. there were planets out there that let people manipulate their own little plot of land, but n wanted a whole planet to himself. {{
Many people want; However, I don't have any; But I'll save [] for the day I'll finally get; I hope, that one day, my dream will be reality. I WILL HAVE;

And one day, the lunar powers the moon the lunar moon beams. the moon nodded and shot n with moon beams and n woke up a deity.

rubble collected into a rumbling collective of mass, n created. it formed and unto the planet his own planet. and n was a deity and n had a planet. n created the planet splashed upon and n created but n created. And it was a complex world in its design, with flaking cardboard and sloshing brick walls. Factory marts! Radio station! Bills stocks! n created. and the planet was released into the cosmos for all to see. and as they the people passed by the planet, they simply passed by the planet, without even looking at its creator. n stared blankly at the people going by. n had created and yet these people did not seem interested.

(it's not notable enough, barely a year, not done, upcoming features)

n blinked and. no one cared about his creation. Creation. n flew off in frustration to the familiar world of Terra. rallying lobbying towns of the casino! nevertheless, sedimentary preparations for oh my goodness. but who went fishing?! It was long past evening when n touched down onto the cold dark asphalt. The cheap, flickering lights outside the gas station hummed a low drone. v and her friends, s and k were there. They were grouped around in a circle, sitting in the parking lot and talking about things. They had some cars parked a few feet away. The air was thick with the scent of gasoline and diesel fuel and the sounds of people racing down the sleeping city streets in their custom cars could be heard throughout the night. The thrust and boom of racing engines echoed all throughout the city.

s and v, the girls, sat opposite of k and n. s and v talked and k talked and n remained silent. the offshoots of formation cannot. and n started slipping into the conversation. he saw that k was not good at external communication in this plane so n guided k along the conversation. Tell them this, tell them that, n said telepathically to k. and k did so and s and v smiled and k smiled and n smiled softly. After s and v had left, k turned to n. HEY, k said as he raised his hand, High five! I'll still need your help! he winked at n. and n looked at him and saw this. and he looked around and saw this.

and on those planets of Dreamy Visions, and Dangerous Spiders, and Lasing Deities, and everywhere else, he saw this. a small pattern that everyone else seemed contented with. continuing on because of this great freedom.

an orbit tied down to the space elevator deity inventions. tied down. and he saw this. Yes, the deities were loved by the citizens of planets, but they were not the only ones who received love, whether internal or external in qualia. waves, the high tide of motivation shipped upon the rocking winds of the space, miniature cubes and nodes all stuck on a web:
The Fishermen's nets intertwined intertwined nets and this formed the space boundaries of infinity.
and furthermore, the exploratory safari flamed onto a chrome opera ship, the cosmic surfboard. for the cosmic dawn of identification numbers, little messages that popped into existence for mere seconds to announce an arbitrary and already known states.

it evolved, but it needn't do so, because he saw this. n looked around, the cosmos shrinking and expanding at blinding speeds at each atom. n looked at k before him:

It was that thing he had wanted, and he realized he did not need to be a deity. He was happy being a citizen of these other planets and being friends with all the other citizens. n flew off towards.

a bright red eye stared at n and it was not a balloon. it was not a bulldog. It was the antimoon. And in the distance, he saw the the evening fade into sunrise.