1: eve

in the beginning. and eve. n odd flags of time finally enabled for the start of things. throughout the wonderplace a phantom wind clashed along the metal machineboxx, whistling like they never heard it before. n looked at the ceilingfan and eve winked at it and it turned to cabbage. it was a nice trick that eve did sometimes; eventually the cabbage went away and the ceiling fan returned to its natural state and then eve couldn’t turn it back into the cabbage again for a while.

n and eve were falling, probably another trick of eve’s, or maybe an illusion of n's disposition. the room was tumbling in turbulent torrents of the troposphere, or perhaps another plane of our permanence. it landed without falling onto the plateau of the

—PLATEAU o’erhangs the ocean and the beach, in these days it was more tropical and had little human influence; there was the different areas among many from which to among many there was different selection many: Kitschy Kats, The Tableau Plateau Portmanteau, Mysterious Computational Cities, and of course, the sunset interchange of balconies and hotels from what. The ocean was blue so blue still and calm, blue bricks that meander and wobble off the short-beaten bush, PLATEAU —

platform,oh ended of. loft meet your creature features. Let us pause for a moment, to envision the natural manifestation of humanity. 1: Yesterday, there was a tuna fish sandwich lying around. Now, this was theoretically a closed system, and yet, when I returned, the tuna fish sandwich was gone. 2: AND APART, FROM, A PROGRAM.

n opened the door [curiously]. and then another door opened and v appeared. v was as nice as eve, but eve was afraid and she hid in n’s room. n smiled at v and she smiled back at him. the rabbits --oh the flags-- rabbits tumbled. the clearly, tabled upon the plateau, the plateau, the plateau, the thethe plateau. a table of little things, there were many kinds of things. There were things of plenty and miscellany and. once the ocean bricks of the surface but nevermore, there were the cars and the buildings and even more cars, including the melodic peacefuldream.

but yes, the cars danced on the table on the plateau on the beach on the ocean on the. the rabbit tumbled forward, there was only one rabbit, but it tumbled forward. v and n liked the rabbit and so n picked it up and pet it (the rabbit was). and then v spoke, let me show you something, she said to n. she grabbed the rabbit from n, but n held onto the rabbit tightly the rabbit. they fought over the babbit’s ears and

3: Perhaps, about, the… boat. Yes, the boat. Or beard. (Will also, a moustache?) 4: FREEDOM, from alternative diminished, maybe everyone…

the babbit rabbit was pulled between the two, but its flesh tore. RED SPILL’D, blood poured over the ground. the rab babbit rabbit’s limp body fell to the ground into the pile of blood. s’blood! s’beads! n and v stared at each other, and then tears formed in

5: cave, nowhere is the cave more cave cave. A fire lit up. The natural crevices and nooks and details were all accented with light patterns, and Man’s eyes dilated.

tears from… and at that moment, and then they ran about—

all the while, eve was inside n’s room, hiding still. now she shivered in fear—

n felt sorry, if only he had let v have the bab rab rabbit babbit, it would be okay, it wouldn’t be dead, there would be no blood and no dead rabbit lying in the blood, on the plateau. and v felt sorry, if only she wasn’t so urgent, it would be okay, the rabbit wouldn’t have died, there would be no dead rabbit and blood POOLING about the dead rabbit. clunk, squeak! And the celestial body threatened to march over the horizon. the an… the anti…

6: Foaming! Fledgling! And no resolution but tall trains traveling at the end of the rainbowed ellipse that the rabbit rabit robit orbit flies. stopping the word for purpose, for pacing, for purposeful pacing and everything will [rel] clear they will everythingclear over time and march’d upon.

BY THE END OF THE DAY, the rabbit marched again, ears intact, though not without a little scar on its head. and
an other day had a similar prologue. there was n and v out on the plateau and eve was in n’s room, hiding from everyone again. only n ever saw or spoke or smelled eve, and eve only saw and spoke and smelled with n. n never told v about eve because eve didn’t want to be talked about. alas, the cured cruelty of the canyon delivered.

Greek! Rome! Agar! the bellows reverberated throughout the domain, shaking the leaves of the plant on the edge ledge of the plateau. and n and v stared at each other again, this time the fear was even greater than that on the day with the rabbit. the shrieks came again and peered over the edge of the plateau. there was nothing, nothing but nothing. they thought to descend the plateau, to investigate the hideous shrieks, but it was too scary and they hid back into their rooms. n didn’t even tell eve about the strange sounds coming from below the plateau.

and so the days passed with flying colors a fragrant and remedial figure of freedom, troubling atmospheres aside. In these lay different forms that twirled about the smiling machines like a form of poetry that so radicates avant-garde delinquency. In the unicorn machine the the the viscous melting layers of candlewax wax pix popped upon the programmed paper like a missing a no a rainbow. And formerly the red cyclonic bird flew about and pointed to itself on the shirt shirt there was the. That event, of course, following the evil screams of the muse formed wave box red, evil eyes.

and eve hid from them all, only playing with n and always hiding and she never. but the one day came withering northerly, like a hawk in theoretical nature. formed deep in the. a sharp painted on the canvas, they formed symbols on the before malignantly throwing the paint everywhere. a sharp painted indeed. formed in n. when this occurred, n was away from eve, and he got transported away by the [--------], and the moon. ANTS!

eve was a scared girl and chased after him, escaping her safe little room. the night was was was dark the and the night was dark. the floating freedoms frying like an eagle looked like a large circumference, with lions and clowns and the whole tent (there was reason to believe this actual, but the load).

speedie was a turtle who was friends with n. he never harmed the turtle, unlike the rab bab rabby babby bab rabbit, freshinnng-ty. speedie was probably n's closest friend, aside from eve, and possibly v, but certainly not any roaming mice (don't believe their lies). but, as a turtle, there was no conscious real.

The nurse came into the room. None of the lights were on because it was time to go to sleep. “If you would like some water, just buzz this buzzer,” she told

n didn't need anything, he wasn't a weakling after all. the left and eve entered. but they landed without falling into a plane of plain existence, closer to the theme. A large field filled with tall grass, the GARDEN, one two might three. At the horizon, surrounding everything, were mountains, on all sides. and in the middle of the field: a small pool of water and a tree. and in the sky the antimoon was up, shining brighter than ever. and in the pool was n's friend speedie. n and eve ran towards the pool (about 3 wide, at best hot) and dipped their toes in it. speedie jumped up and down in the pool and splashed around, a strange concept of depth seemed to be illusionary.

and n and eve played there for a while, in the garden. (A savvy one might expect what was to occur, considering the names of thing.) but time decided 2. 7: Illusion. It is all illusion.

but n had to leave the garden, it wasn't a place for him for ever for more. and eve had to stay at the garden, for n's world wasn't a place for her for ever for less. and under the gaze of the antimoon, eve kissed n and they held their small hands together.

but it wasn't a. three fourths of the! Cradled between never-known answers and full time surreal factors of things, what is the illusion? You never-known rab bab rabby, babby rabby bab rabby babby rab babbit rabbit. Because, as all people, like Master Finnegan himself, they must wake week the nevered. Cool car pool bar!

and soon n was riding home, holding a balloon shaped like a bulldog, a part of him missing.