Here's a list of websites/pages I think are really cool and want to link to!

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Cool People

tiny wanderer
small web space for some of npckc's stuff
website for team☆cpu, home of archangel:nemesis and other things
Website for game developer hubol
love ♥ game
Website for game developers sylvie and aria
Suricrasia Online
Just the website for my Internet Service Provider

Video Gamez

The Cutting Room Floor
A wiki on unused video game content. Weirdly to me it serves as major game dev inspiration.
TRsRockin Archive
An archive of one of my favorite websites ever. Pokemon glitches and retro game reviews and so much more.
Flying Omelette
Miscellaneous video game content. I love the "oddities" section, especially about Earthbound/MOTHER 2.
The Spriters Resource
Sprites from every video game ever.
Legends of Localization
A site that discusses the localization of games.
Hardcore Gaming 101
A website that talks about many cool video games. I recommend the old site though.


Community of Nintendo music trascribers.
Sheet music from various things I like (BEMANI, PriPara, iM@S, etc.)
Mark Prindle's Reviews
Classic internet site with reviews of a lot of music, including highly entertaining Residents reviews.
EWI やろうぜ! (JP)
A site by Japanese Youtuber EWI ココペリ dedicated to the EWI.


A community centered around lucid dreaming. It has been my internet home for many years. <3
BEMANI Forum, Stepmania file directory, and DDR Arcade Score Tracker
The Talk of Creatures
Small (mostly dead) but cozy and very awesome Residents forum


A website about science, music, illusions, and... fruit? Has always given me VSauce before VSauce vibes.
Come for the .htaccess tips, stay for... all the other stuff.
Windows 98 Icons
A collection of Windows 98 icons, many of which I used for this site.
Two Bit History
An interesting blog about computing history.

Neocities/Indie Sites

Here's some random Neocities sites I think are cool. Feel free to send me a link to your site and I might add it! (If you follow me on Neocities, I'll probably follow you back and put your link here!)

(Some of these sites are not on Neocities but are in the spirit of Neocities and have a button, so whatever!)

DOKODEMO Neonaut Sadgrl Linkblog Volbot Districts saint-images hiraethe Swifty's HQ remi PurpleHello98 DISC-CONTENT Page's Pages PyroPlayers Magazine Cobradile Pixelglade KitchyMew RGB Teahouse America's Decline novaweb SUKIYAKI CITY Rosie's Rucksack CLOWNFRED ZONE What Video Game Did I Play Yesterday? ARTWORK Io's Webpage Onio Cafe Pop'n Music Database Aegi errormine webheaven Ashton I Love Being Trans!