Javascript Info

Hey! It seems you may have Javascript disabled or blocked. That's fine! I tried to not put too many wacky effects on the screen, and also I don't have any tracking scripts present on the page, so if you trust me, you can enable Javascript on this page and I promise nothing bad will happen and I won't track you or steal your data or cookies or whatever.

(Also I suggest using Firefox + Duck Duck Go Privacy Essentials so you can enjoy the web with little scripts here and still not be tracked by scripts!)

I tried to design this website to degrade at least somewhat gracefully when you disable scripts (which I assume is how you found this page), so if you see a page that is completely broken, please contact me and I'll try to fix things! Thanks!

(If you got to this page with JS enabled... I guess it means you probably navigated to this page from the sitemap. If you got to this page some other way... please update your browser?)