Perfect Pop Star Academy

Perfect Pop Star Academy

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Perfect Pop Star Academy is my personal blog, started in 2017. After not using my website for years, I decided I finally wanted to add some personal content to it. This took the form of a blog.

I really wanted to do more with Perfect Pop Star Academy. My original plan for the blog was to be a site dedicated to the genre of idol anime, including episode-by-episode reviews of certain shows where I'd post screenshots, make observations, and type up witty jokes. That ended up being way more work than I thought, and the test posts I made didn't even end up being that good.

The second plan for Perfect Pop Star Academy was that I'd post Game Features to it, where I'd review and talk about mostly obscure games that I found interesting. I did end up writing one review, but the other test posts I started have yet to be finished and posted.

I'm hoping that my current personal website ends up fulfilling the roles I had initially envisioned for Perfect Pop Star Academy, while the blog itself can continue being the one thing it's good at: being a general blog.

The blog itself was once powered by a custom built blogging software, but in this site's redesign I have simplified the blog to static HTML as well, porting most of the older entries over to this new static blog.

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